Sunday, October 14, 2007

Microsoft .NET AJAX ad is Blocking Downloads for JUndo Runtime

I just tried to move a file across using the JUndo Runtime download, and there is an advertisement for Microsoft .NET AJAX on the the download page that is blocking access to the direct download link (it is visually extending outside its bounds and covering the link). Meanwhile the automatic download refuses to proceed. Thus, the Microsoft ad is effectively preventing the JUndo Runtime from being downloaded on Sourceforge. The workaround is to view source on the page, and then use the link tag in the source to manually build the HTTP location for direct download. Thank you, Microsoft.

Update: It's clearly visible when I use the Safari browser. The link for "direct" downloads is on the left of the Sourceforge download page for JUndo Runtime, and the Microsoft ad is on the far right of the page. The ad extends its region all the way to the left (while remaining visually transparent) so that when you click on the direct download link the click activation is taken by the Microsoft ad. Hence, one's mouse click is usurped by the Microsoft ad, and never goes to activate the link. Clicking the area of the link clearly highlights the ad instead.

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