Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sun Promotes JavaFX's Declarative Semantics

About a year ago at the last Pikes Peak Java Developer Group (PPJDG) meeting, several people responded as if I was crazy when I spoke about the advantages of declarative languages in relation to JUndo (JUndo has been a declarative language from the beginning). Now more people seem to be getting on the declarative language bandwagon, including Sun Microsystems. John O'Connor has an article on Sun's web site about the declarative nature of the new JavaFX scripting language:

The similarities and differences between JUndo and JavaFX are interesting. JavaFX provides a declarative user interface to a web application, which presumably has either a server-side file store or a server-side RDBMS as its data model. So one could think of it as a declarative user interface for a mostly imperative data model. JUndo provides a declarative data model that is then wrapped with a imperative Swing interface as part of a Verdantium component. That is to say, the two technologies are opposites in this sense.

JavaFX is a potentially important language, and one that will probably influence other declarative languages in the future. Will GUI code becomes declarative in the future? Perhaps. Only time will tell.

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