Thursday, September 20, 2007

Added SimpleSax component to Verdantium Downloads

One of my goals with Verdantium is to provide a large number of demo conponents so that developers have lot of examples that show how to write different applications. I've observed that a lot of other Java-enabled frameworks, particularly Jini, were not adopted (at least in part) because there were few real examples for a developer to work from, and I wanted to make sure that Verdantium did not fall into a similar trap. Toward this end, I have added the Simple Sax component as a package of the Verdantium project on Sourceforge.

The typical Verdantium object persistence serializes Externalizable objects to XML, which is good enough for most applications. However, there are occasions when one wants to persist object data in a particular XML format or in a format using a particular XML schema. Simple Sax shows how to do this. The conponent writes its data as XML text, and then reads the data back using a SAX parser. This shows how to build customized persistence into a Verdantium component. It shouldn't be hard to retrofit this to use DOM, or some other XML parser.

Like the other demo components I have blogged about previously, the easiest way to load SimpleSax into Verdantium is to use the Discovery component. By the way, someday I need to modify the Verdantium-related online help files so that they refer to using Discovery instead of making modifications to the Verdantium apps.cfg file.

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