Thursday, September 13, 2007

Re-adopted opensourcecomponents Yahoo Group

In the past I used to moderate an opensourcecomponents Yahoo group related to Verdantium and similar technologies. Later I got too busy to fuss with it, Yahoo seemed to be deteriorating in general, and the group only had about five members anyway.

I just happened to be visiting Yahoo recently, and to my great surprise I found that the site seemed to have gained its own momentum (30+ people have joined). Moreover, Yahoo seems to have improved. Or at least it seems to be better about accepting my password. I'm updating the original group profile, and integrating it with this blog. Hopefully, this will provide a place for people who are interested in this blog to interact.

Yes, people could interact by posting comments to this blog. And yes, I could use the discussion group features related to the Sourceforge projects for Verdantium, Meta, etc. Yahoo seems to be more popular, though. I will probably try to funnel discussion to either this blog or the Yahoo group. I don't think I could handle posts on multiple discussion groups hosted by multiple Sourceforge projects. That would require more time than I have. Besides, I want to use my time to write more code.

The discussion group is here:

Sign yourself up! Things blogged here should cross-post to the Yahoo group.

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