Friday, September 14, 2007

There is a lot of overlap between Verdantium and the proposed JSR-296 Specification

Verdantium and JSR-296:

are trying to solve similar problems. JSR-296 is trying to provide a framework for Swing applications running as standalone entities from a main() method. Verdantium provides a framework for application COMPONENTS-- classes that can run as standalone applications (they have a main() method) but are also flexible enough to be visually embedded inside other applications.

There is a lot that JSR-296 could learn from looking at the current Verdantium implementation on Sourceforge and/or this blog. The scope of Verdantium is in many ways larger than what JSR-296 is proposing. For instance, Verdantium has lifecycle states related to embedded components participating in multi-level undo that do not exist in the current proposal for JSR-296.

While there is still time, perhaps it would be in the best interest of the future of the Java platform if Verdantium and JSR-296 interacted and shared information in some useful way. I'm looking at joining the JCP, and hopefully people associated with JSR-296 might look at this post and/or my code on Sourceforge for ideas.

To be continued in a subsequent post...

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Anonymous said...

Not likely to happen. Sun has proven in the past how they prefer to develop their own stuff inspired from real open source projects.
Although open to reveiwers, it's my understanding that Hans decides exactly what he wants in and how to do it. For instance, I don't understand the massive focus on resource injection and certainly not why a brand new API had to be developed when Fuse is already there.