Thursday, August 23, 2007

Added EventViewer package to Verdantium

Posted EventViewer, a component that acts as a debugging tool for watching event traffic moving through the Verdantium system.

To use EventViewer, one probably wants to load it into an existing system through the Verdantium Discovery component. Discovery allows one to discover Verdantium components over the network in a manner similar to how network printers are discovered in most modern operating systems.

Unlike Sun's older Applet concept, discovered components don't have a security model. One needs to make sure to only discover components from trusted sources (probably from within one's own network). However, the lack of a security model is very advantageous. A discovered component has full access to the computer on which it is running, and this makes life a lot easier. Want to write to a file? Just select "Save." Want to print? Just select "Print." You get the idea.

The procedure for loading EventViewer through Discovery is as follows:

* Drop EventViewer.jar and EventViewer_14.xnl into the same directory.

* Launch the verdantium.ProgramDirector class from Verdantium.

* Click the "Run..." button, select the "New" tab from the resulting editor, select the "Discovery" component from the "New" tab list, and then click the "Apply" button.

* The Discovery component will launch in a separate window. Click the "Choose File" button, and then navigate and select the "EventViewer_14.xnl" file from the file chooser. The "Event Viewer" listing will then be added to the bottom of the list of components under the Program Director's "New" tab.

* Select the newly added "Event Viewer" item under the Program Director's "New" tab, and click the "Apply" button. The Event Viewer will be launched. Subsequent Program Director actions will be shown in the Event Viewer.

Using the URL option of the Discovery component, this same procedure works over HTTP. This makes it possible to dynamically load Verdantium components over the network. Try it.

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