Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Verdantium, JUndo, and Meta Release 070805

I just put a new release of Verdantium, and JUndo on sourceforge. To get a full working Verdantium build, you need to download code from the following sourceforge projects:

There is a new build requirement in this build: The umeta package from the JUndo Runtime project is now a required library for Verdantium. Also, to build the ".JUndo" files into Java source, one needs the following project:

I've made this blog the project page for all of the above sourceforge projects on the theory that if you are interested in one of them then you should probably be interested in the others. Verdantium requires JUndo and Meta in order to run. Understanding JUndo is useful for writing verdantium components, particularly components that support multi-level undo. Enhancements to JUndo are made just to support Verdantium. If one is interested in developing for Verdantium then one would probably also be interested in JUndo.

Similarly, if one is interested in JUndo then one should probably be interested in Verdantium. Programming languages have to answer the question "what is this [language] good for?" Otherwise, there is no point in developing a new language. Verdantium and its multi-level undo system gives one a context for the kinds of problems that JUndo was created to solve. That is to say, Verdantium ties JUndo to a practical application.

I have been looking at download statistics, and I see many downloads for Verdantium, but far fewer downloads for JUndo and Meta. This seems strange given that one needs the latter in order to run the former. I wonder if people are actually getting workable systems if they are downloading Verdantium, but not JUndo or Meta. If you download Verdantium, then please download the other projects.

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